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Hi ! This is my weekly blog! Thanks for joining me!

Hello there! This is my exclusive weekly blog! Every week I will be blogging about the unique challenges and successes in my life. Not every situation in life, even as a child, is a piece of cake. There are wins and losses in life, and it is your choice of how you are going to get through them. Whether it's about how I prepare myself for a game. Or how I get myself ready for a huge science test. My mentality, my preparation, my resilience, and my attitude usually determines the outcome. You will get an inside look at my life. I will be sharing the tools and tips I use to manage the harder parts of my life. Sometimes it will work, but sometimes I will have to keep working at it. I hope the tools I use to help keep my anxiety under control for big events, for example, helps you. Take this journey with me through the highs and lows of reaching my goals in soccer, in school, and in life. Thank you so much for supporting me and I hope this blog brings the value that your support has brought to me. I hope you enjoy this JanaeSoccerBlog!

About Me 

I am Aliah. My dog's name is Cookies and I love her so much. We always race and wrestle. Sometimes I even let her win just so she will stop barking! I love soccer so much as you can tell. I play at Legends FC and we go to a bunch of tournaments so I get to hang out with my team a lot. That's why they are some of my closest friends besides my best friends at school. I have 4 best friends: Braxton, Shai, Kaylee, and Emma. My fav subject at school is English because I love my English teacher. She actually takes time to break it down and she's funny. My fav color is purple and I like all purples, but lavender is the best. 

JanaeSoccer Gear
I'm working for my dreams, so thank you for your support!

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